Prelasti EPDM waterproofing membrane is an ideal solution for tanking purposes. Sheets are prefabricated to suit client requirement, and vulcanised to form a single sheet up to 1200m2 in size. Prelasti EPDM can be loose laid with ballast, fully bonded, or attached using mechanical fixings.

Structural waterproofing of buildings is vitally important to prevent ingress of water and damp- a bigger problem than ever before with climate change now bringing us 100 year flood events on a semi-regular basis. Commercial and domestic properties in flood prone areas can be better protected, to a large extent, by appropriate tanking and defences being applied.

AAC Waterproofing have years and years of experience with commercial and domestic tanking, foundation and structural waterproofing using Prelasti EPDM membranes as well as specialist liquid applied systems to provide the highest possible levels of protection. Our teams operate throughout the UK - for more information, please contact us.

e-lastiSEAL 600

External waterproofing of foundations and walls is essential for every building with a basement as well as for buildings where flood risks exist. Foundations and Retaining walls are constantly exposed to humidity so foundation waterproofing and external basement waterproofing is required in order to avoid serious damage to the structure of the building and major decorative damage to rooms inside the building.

e-lastiSEAL 600 is a permanent elastic, liquid applied, two component, bitumen extended polyurethane waterproofing membrane used for long-lasting protection and waterproofing of foundations and retaining walls. When applied it creates a seamless, highly elastic, waterproofing membrane without joints or leak possibilities.

e-lastiSEAL 600 has been tested and certified by the PSB-laboratory in Singapore for it’s waterproofing, mechanical, elastic, water vapour and other properties.

The e-lastiSEAL System foundation and retaining walls waterproofing method offers a simple build-up waterproofing that features a highly elastic waterproofing membrane, loose laying protection and optional insulation boards.

The e-lastiSEAL System is a technologically advanced, premium liquid polyurethane waterproofing system that offers easy application, full certifications, and most importantly guaranteed long lasting results.The e-lastiSEAL System consists of different products, dependent on the surface characteristics.


  • Foundations
  • Retaining Walls
  • Concrete Structures
  • Wet Areas (under tile)
  • Asphalt
  • Bitumen-felts
  • EPDM membranes

Advantages of the e-lastiSEAL System at a glance

  • Simple application
  • Resistant to stagnating water
  • Resistant to water and frost
  • Provides vapor block properties
  • Forms a seamless membrane
  • Highly elastic - maintains mechanical properties
  • Low cost

Proposed Build Up

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